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Intrapreneurship: What is it and why is the key to the future of companies

By Eveling Lambert

Entrepreneurship has been the theme of fashion for a long time. Many today dream of being their own bosses. A totally valid and respectable dream.

However, there is a growing belief that the full-time employee, the one who works in the offices of corporate or medium-sized companies and who has a schedule of 8:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m., they are unsuccessful people.

“I prefer to be my own boss before being an employee of a company” are some of the expressions we hear when talking about the hard work of the full-time employee.

In Mexico it is known as the “Godinez” phenomenon. What happened from simply being a word now is a stereotype or lifestyle; how to say hipster and vegan.

“The Godinez” is for today the typical phrase used to make fun of office workers with teasing and even memes. The appreciation of the word Godínez in Mexico is derogatory but in the beginning it was not so. The Godinez were the most hardworking people who always said yes and had the work of the entire office.

The point is that there are those who are happy being Godinez and following the rules of a company or corporate. Let’s not forget that most of our parents (not all of them) instilled in us that professional success was to climb positions within an organization. They (our parents) belonged to generation X. They have not had life at all easy, since, after a turbulent period of wars and revolutions, having a job was a great challenge. Working and producing was his philosophy of life, leaving aside idealism. Individualism, ambition and work addiction are the values in which they grew up.

Obviously, being employed has a number of advantages such as stability and the certainty of having a secure salary every month. This gives you great peace of mind, when it comes to organizing your life and planning. There are those who simply do not want to live the stress of leaving their stability to undertake. Totally valid and respectable too.

The phrase says that “happiness depends on each one”. We all have different goals and dreams.

Can you be an entrepreneur being a “godinez” in a company? This is when I present a concept that has caught my attention: Intrapreneurs, increasingly considered as a key piece for companies. Interesting, right?

Who are intrapreneurs?

They are collaborators who have their qualities for the benefit of the organization. Your ideas and creativity exceed and achieve the objectives. The intrapreneur is not only part of the change, it promotes it.

The intrapreneur is the professional who carries out a new line of business or innovates within a company. In return, the intrapreneur earns, apart from a salary, high recognition within the company for its involvement in the company and its responsibility.

Yes, I know what they are thinking: It depends a lot on the opening of the company and the type of boss (or rather the leader) that touches you because we cannot deny that there are mean bosses who are only interested in having slaves.

The challenge is for the business organizations of our country: Are they willing to have intrapreneurs? To have workers involved with the company, with passion for their work and motivated by the ideas they propose?

What did you say? Are they happy being collaborators or entrepreneurs? Are they Intrapreneurs?