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Pinoleras Eveling, Irazema y Cindy

¡Nicas como el pinol!

Pinoleras is a community platform that supports entrepreneurs through workshops, fairs, visibility, networking, entrepreneurship and music festivals.

pinoleras fest

A sales place for entrepreneurs with products that meet quality standards.

A society hyperconnected to the Internet is not only a challenge for large companies, it’s a challenge for entrepreneurs too, who must have new consumer behaviors. The environment is more demanding due to training, professionalism and migration towards digital tools.

Nowadays it is almost impossible for an entrepreneur to carry out an idea or consolidate a business if it does not have tools such as access to an email account, website, receiving electronic payments or billing. Through this website, entrepreneurs can exhibit their products, sell them and make themselves known. aims to make visible more than 500 entrepreneurs of various fields.

The platform goal is attract business brands and non-profit organizations that wish to support the Nicaraguan entrepreneurial ecosystem.





The Pinoleras

Eveling Lambert

Eveling Lambert

Social Communicator of African descent. She obtained her bachelor's degree at the UCA Jesuit University and studied a master's degree in Marketing and Communication in Valencia, Spain, thanks to the Bancaja Foundation grant. She returned to that same country to study a second master's degree in Journalism, thanks to a scholarship granted by the Carolina Foundation. She has more than 5 university diplomas, as well as an enriching career. She has given motivational conferences on topics related to Communication, Personal Brand and Marketing. Eveling is a fellow of "Centroamérica Adelante", a prestigious and innovative leadership development program. Named "Woman of Influence" of 2016 by the project "Protagonistas" of the Nicaraguan North American Cultural Center.
Cindy Bustamante

Cindy Bustamante

Was born in the department of Chinandega located in western Nicaragua. She studied Management, Advertising and Marketing at the Thomas More University (UTM). She has a diploma in Jürgen Klaric Neurosales and a postgraduate degree in Advanced Marketing with the American University (UAM). She currently owns the Amarelo line of stores present in Managua, León, Chinandega and Estelí.
Irazema Soza

Irazema Soza

Was born in Bluefields the capitol city of the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast in Nicaragua. She studied Social Communication at the UCA Jesuit University where she obtained a diploma for academic excellence. She currently owns Acuarela Store which she founded in 2017.

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Tips for entrepreneurs

Eveling Lambert, Cindy Bustamante and Irazema Soza, wanted to go further

Before the 2018 social crisis, several trade fairs for small entrepreneurs existed in Nicaragua, however, the young communicators Eveling Lambert, Cindy Bustamante and Irazema Soza, wanted to go further. They considered that they could contribute more than just organizing a marketplace and thus the Pinoleras project was born.

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