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Jelly Yummy

Jelly Yummy Brand

Jelly Yummy

Desserts with a special touch

Nica Art’s

Tastes and good memories printed on serigraphy.

Ron Cupcake

It was a unique and exclusive recipe.

Ceviche Shark

“Creé un ceviche con un sabor distinto y me preparó para crecer”


An original recipe and a brand with environmental responsibility


"It's not a traditional barbecue and I have the challenge of growing"


“Our product came to expand the consumption alternatives in jellies”


Her main motivation was always to obtain her independence.


“Without knowing how to cook, I learned to make the very well liked buñuelos.”

Ferso Brand

Ferso Laboratorio de Productos Químicos

Ferso, a compound name of Fernanda Sofia.